PRO12 – save money with a ProNelli paintbrush subscription

With PRO12, you are free to combine the range of paintbrushes that matches the needs of the company

Just because ProNelli is a sturdy and reliable paintbrush, it doesn’t have to be more expensive to use – not at all! Every professional craftsman knows that quality goes further and is thus more economical as well. The busy craftsman, who wants to save time and money, can with advantage take out an individual PRO12 paintbrush subscription that matches the needs and requirements of the company. With a PRO12 paintbrush subscription, you are automatically part of ProNelli’s continuous development and steadily growing product range...

The advantages of a PRO12 paintbrush subscription are e.g.:
  • The best prices on the market
  • Free delivery at the time agreed
  • No purchase inconvenience
  • Many sizes/types
  • You will always have quality paintbrushes in stock